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Sustainability within a house
Giving something back


The concept of sustainability is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not compromise the lives of our future generations.

At YARN, we aim to produce inspiring, creative and healthy architecture which considers sustainability and energy efficiency, promoting a positive effect on the environment.

As part of our process we will advise on the best sustainable technologies and methods to incorporate into your project and specify environmentally friendly  products and sustainable construction methods where possible.


At YARN we pride ourselves on our fresh outlook and positive ethos; as such we are committed to share a portion of our profits to create a positive social change.


We believe that everyone has a right to a roof over their head. To us, that means providing shelter and support to those less fortunate members of society who find themselves homeless. In 2021, we are happy to support Shelter charity, taking a small step towards a happier and fairer world. 

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