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Do you know your permitted development rights?

As a practise we undertake a lot of extensions and home renovation projects, but sometimes the works don’t need planning permission. Its sounds bonkers, right? But, some design proposals fall within certain criteria, which can allow you to have the work undertaken without submitting a formal Planning Application. This is called Permitted Development Rights (PDR).

The types of works which fall under Permitted Development can include Rear extensions, Side extensions, Loft conversions, Garage conversions, Porches, Outbuildings and certain Changes of Use. Also, other minor works such as internal alterations, installing rooflights, replacing new windows and doors can be achieved.

This is great news for many homeowners; saving time delays, removing the stress of potential objections and additional planning application costs. However, the proposals must accord with certain limitations and conditions in order to comply. For example, this might include floor area / height or volume restrictions, proximity to your neighbours boundary or using the same materials as the existing property. If you home has previously been extended or altered, as this could also affect the outcome. Having a good architectural professional on board to advise and interpret these regulations is highly recommended to design within the Permitted Development limits.

Additionally, if you live within an area of Designated Land (National Park, Area of Outstanding Beauty), a Conservation area, or within a Listed Building the chances are your Permitted Development Rights may not apply (though, this is not always the case!).

Whilst there are many benefits to undertaking works within Permitted Development, it is always advised to speak with a qualified professional to ensure the plans are appropriate and to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate (or Prior Approval Notice). This is not a formal Planning Permission, but rather an acknowledgement that any proposed work(s) are within your Permitted Development Rights with a certification, proving the legality of the works at the point of construction for added peace of mind.

If you are considering alterations to your home or looking for the help of a professional to help plan your dream home, then call YARN Architecture today.

Call our studio on 01773 773217 to discuss your ideas and get a free quotation, or use our contact form, below...

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